Miguel Llobet Mini Challenge

Hey fellow toneBuddies!! 🎶

We're thrilled to introduce the Llobet Mini Challenge, an opportunity for all of us to dive into the enchanting world of guitar music composed by the legendary Miguel Llobet! Get ready to share your passion and skill as we explore and celebrate the works of this remarkable composer together.

Make sure to check out Antigoni Goni's live stream on "Exploring Llobet's Catalan Folk Songs" on April 17th! (click)

🌟 The Challenge: 🌟

We invite you to record and upload a video of yourself playing a piece by Miguel Llobet or share your favorite recording of a piece by Miguel Llobet! Let's showcase the beauty of his music and inspire each other to appreciate his captivating compositions.

📹 How to participate: 📹

  1. Record a video of yourself performing a piece by Miguel Llobet.
  2. Upload your video to your preferred platform (e.g., YouTube, Vimeo, etc.).
  3. Share the link to your video in the comments section below.
  4. Feel free to add a brief description of the piece you chose and what makes it special to you.

🤝 Interact and engage: 🤝

Make sure to check out the performances of your fellow toneBuddies! Show your support by leaving comments, constructive feedback, and appreciation for their efforts. Let's encourage each other to grow and relish the magic of Llobet's music.

🏆 Reward: 🏆

There's no specific prize for this challenge, but it's an opportunity to showcase your talent, receive feedback, and connect with fellow guitar enthusiasts. Who knows? You might even make some new friends along the way!

💡 Need inspiration? 💡

If you're not familiar with Miguel Llobet's works, don't worry! You can explore his compositions online or even look for performances by other guitarists to get inspired. Make sure to check out Antigoni Goni's live stream on "Exploring Llobet's Catalan Folk Songs" on April 17th! (click) and other courses on Llobet's Music (click).

🎶 Ready, set, play! 🎶

We can't wait to see your amazing performances of Llobet's music. Let's unite as a community to appreciate and celebrate the artistry of this incredible composer!

Happy playing, everyone! 🎉

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  • L’Hereu Riera

    I just thought it’s not nice to leave Eric alone in this challenge. Unfortunately I’ve  little time to practice and Llobet’s arrangements and compositions are never easy, but I give a try at this little piece, that is not so familiar. I’ve never heard it in concert. L’Hereu Riera, said to be a folk tale about the son of a rich/noble Catalan family (hereu,  apparently, means heir).

    its not very lyrical or fragile. The rhythm is straightforward. I like the harmonic structure. 
    I’m struggling with the pizzicato part. It feels tense and I don’t know if I can make it sound good enough. In the last phrase, keeping the melody on the 5th and 6th string fluent is also tricky.

    a first rough version…

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    • joosje I’m so glad to have you joined me here, Joosje! I gave a little look to this one myself and decided against it, just because it seemed so difficult. Also, my guitar does not sound so good with chords up high, as it has poor intonation.

      You are playing it nicely already. I know you said you are struggling with the part at the end with the melody in the bass. That is actually my favorite part. Yes, it needs some work, but I really like the sound. It reminds me of the sound Llobet had when he played. I also like your apoyando  (again, like Llobet) and I am more than a little jealous at the ease with which you use it.

    • joosje beautiful for a first rough version, you already control most of it! Thank you for sharing I didn't know this work.

    • joosje very nice Joosje,  I’m not familiar with the piece, but would like to give it a try now.  Thank you

  • Leonesa and Plany

    I thought I'd take one more stab at these two pieces.

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    • Eric Phillips  I enjoyed so much listening to these pieces, also in your previous postings. But you managed to bring it next level. Both are so well performed!

      Leonesa: How do you get this depth in your harmonics? Plany: you really bring out the cry of desperation which is the theme of this song. I admire your smooth glissandos. Thanks for your great contributions to this challenge in honour of Miguel Llobet

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    • joosje Such kind words - thank you so much, Joosje!

    • Eric Phillips bravo Eric, both well played! Your tone is great and well appropriate for this music... your harmonics are gorgeous! 💪

  • I have my smalll contribution to this challenge......I hope you enjoy it ( the recording is very "homemade")

    Thank to Eric Phillips and joosje for their pieces, I never heard these before and are really beatifull pieces

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    • JUAN ALONSO Thank you, Juan. It is always good to listen to El Testament, especially when played this well. You have a lovely sound that works well for Llobet.

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    • JUAN ALONSO beautiful Juan. Great interpretation. It was a real joy to hear this on a late Sunday evening, I admire your strong sound and flowing pulse. Nice harmonics too,,,,

    • JUAN ALONSO great take on this classic one Juan, bravo!

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