Start Here - How To Use tonebase!

Welcome to tonebase. If this is your first time here, this should serve as your first orientation on how to get the most out of tonebase! 


We have 4 types of videos on the platform today:

In addition to our videos, we host regular guided activities on the tonebase Forums, usually in the form of community practice challenges or live courses. These are a great opportunity for you to share your practice progress with community members or get individualized feedback from tonebase instructors!


Check out some of our guided activities by following these links:

Every week, we host 3-4 livestreams on tonebase. These include lectures from some of the guitar's most inspiring musical minds, as well as solo workshops from our very own Live hosts Mircea Gogoncea, Martin Zimny and Emmanuel Sowicz.


Check out some of our most popular livestreams from the past three months here:

Lessons cover a wide range of topics from repertoire, to technique and even general topics and musical concepts. All our video tutorials are accompanied by expertly created Workbook PDFs and Scores that will help you make the most out of your tonebase experience by staying on track with your progress while you’re away from the computer.


Not sure where to start? Here are some of our favorite lessons:


Concert Repertoire

Popular Studies & Etudes:

Basic Repertoire:

In addition to lessons on particular pieces of the guitar repertoire, you'll find a plethora of videos on technical development:

For the more intermediate to advanced players, we recommend to check out the following Single lesson on technical development: 

One great way to find videos is to visit the "Categories" section under the "Browse" page. Here you'll see all tonebase videos divided up into topics, including the General Concepts section where you'll find tutorials that are more conceptual, covering everything from ornamentation to building a career in music!

Courses consist of a series of videos, that often cover broader technical concepts and are designed in a progressive manner.

Some Highlights to get started include: 


Courses & General Concepts

If you want to fresh up your foundations, we recommend the following lessons and courses:

  • Beginning Guitar I by Daniel De Arakal:
    • This course, which is designed for mostly day 1 beginning players, is also a great resource for early intermediate players who want to revisit their technical foundations of Left and Right hand and overall gain more confidence on the basics of guitar technique. 
  • Beginning Guitar II by Mircea Gogoncea
    • This course, that builds on the Beginning Guitar I course, goes deeper into RH / LH  technique and coordination, notation, practice strategies, and sight-reading. It's mostly for the intermediate players. 

For the advanced player, working to refine and expand their technical capacities, these courses are a good starting point:


  • Rafael Aguirre on his 10 Technical Exercises
    • Those are Exercises that Rafael Aguirre (for those who don't know, probably one the best players of the younger generation) is using to keep his technique at such an otherwordly level
  • Artyom Dervoed's Technique Mastery Course
    • Artyom Dervoed, hailed as the "Zar of the Guitar" (you guessed it, he's from Russia...) shows a number of exercises, that helped him develop his control of the instrument in a structured manner. Not to miss! 

Happy Practicing Everyone! If you have any questions, please reply below!

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