WATCH PARTY with Nikita Koshkin for the Nikita Koshkin Challenge

So, after three intense weeks we’ve reached the end of another wonderful community challenge! We’ve explored the tonal language of Nikita Koshkin together with motivating and inspiring progress updates! So I couldn’t be more happy to share these moments with the composer Nikita Koshkin himself in our Final Watch Party for the Nikita Koshkin Community Challenge!!! 🚀

My fellow Community Challengers, you did it! After three weeks of exploring Nikita Koshkin's set of compositions exclusively created for tonebase, we've reached the end of our challenge! 

Join us together with the composer Nikita Koshkin himself to watch fellow participants and instructors show us the fruits of their labor. In this festive celebration of challenge participants, they will get special community perks and shoutouts!

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  • Super excited for tonight as both Nikita AND Marina will be present tonight! 🧙‍♂️

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  • I will have to watch it later, but I'm looking forward to it tonight!

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  • Wow!  Super excited for this one!

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  • Thanks to all of you for participating in this wonderful watch party with a visibly excited composer and performer! You guys are the best 😍

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      • Brett Gilbert
      • Piano and classical guitar
      • Brett_Gilbert
      • 13 days ago
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      Thank you Martin for your wonderful guidance and support!  This was truly an incredible experience learning from everyone who participated and having Nikita and Marina there for the watch party was an amazing way to end the challenge.  I've learned so much in the last few months and will be revisiting these studies for years to come.

    • Martin I agree this was a wonderful watch party!  I was wondering if I continue working on #10( not sure if I'll have the time needed), is it still okay to submit for your comments and advice at this point?  Lots going on, but this is a tough one, and feel I could get a lot out of it, if possible. 

      I still don't have a clear idea of the best way to play an open string staccato, when the following note is on a lower (pitched) string, playing at high speed.   Thanks!

    • Martin Thanks for a truly outstanding watch party! It was a real honor for me to have my video played and commented on so favorably by the composer and Marina! I enjoyed this challenge so much; thanks for all you do Martin.

  • Well, I am blown away at that watch party, and I couldn't even watch it live (until the very end)! Everyone's videos were so impressive, and our two guests could not have been more kind and gracious in their words and reactions. I'm still smiling ear-to-ear thinking that Nikita Koshkin likes the way I played his music, and Marina Krupkina complimented my technique!

    Thank you, Martin, for all you do to coach us and bring out our best. Thank you to all who participated and engaged in the beautiful music. This one is going to be hard to top!

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  • I really enjoyed  this ”watch party”, great music and great contributions by the composer as well as all participants! (I hope I will be able to  participate more actively in the next challenge..!)

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