The THEMED OPEN MIC Conversation Format

Hello everyone! The format we would like to start with for the first month of regular virtual hangouts is that of a themed open mic.

1. Conversation Slots

The idea is that everyone gets a 15-minute slot to propose a topic to be talked about, or talk about whatever they want. This could be:

  • asking other hangout members a simple question
  • sharing a video of a performance they've been listening to
  • sharing a recording of an own performance of theirs
  • talking about a book, article, etc. they read
  • talking about a concert or festival they enjoyed
  • something entirely different.

You do not need to speak for 15 minutes yourself - just to propose a topic that is talked about in the hangout for 15 minutes.


Your input can be as simple as asking a simple question or playing a single video.

2. Number of slots

There are up to 4 speaking spots in every hangout, and depending on how many people are interested, these can be either shorter or longer in time.


The hangout host (usually Martin or I) decides when it's time to switch over to the next speaking spot. 15 minutes is just a guideline.


You do not need to sign up for a speaking slot to take part in the hangout. The signup sheet is just for people who'd like to propose topics - most people will be regular listeners.

3. Signing up

In order to sign up for a speaking spot, just reply to the respective hangout event from the event list! Each new hangout event will have a signup list you can fill out.


There is no limit to how long you can stay in the meeting after the "open mic" section is finished. The hangout is over when everyone is gone, and people can come in and out freely.

4. Suggested Themes

In order to help decide what to talk about and encourage conversation, we will assign some loose suggested themes to every hangout.


The themes will be quite broad (think "repertoire", "chamber music", or "inspiring artists"), and there is no obligation to stick to a theme very carefully.


These themes are just suggestions meant to encourage conversation - nobody will be shot down for being off topic!

We are trying out this format for the first month of regular virtual hangouts, and we might change it up in the future, depending on your feedback!


If you have any questions, or you'd like to give feedback about this format, do reply below!

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  • Hello everyone! This sounds like a great idea and I am looking forward to the first one.

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