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Are you tired of struggling with the complexities of guitar-playing? Good news – most guitar music relies on a small number of key technical building blocks. This upcoming two-week intensive program will dive into these building blocks and offer a systematic approach to improving your foundational skills on the guitar. By breaking down the technical intricacies of guitar-playing into a handful of essential movements, we’ll be providing exclusive insights and exercises that can help you overcome the most common difficulties. With practice and dedication, these exercises can become an integral part of your regular warm-up routine, unlocking your potential to better express your musical ideas.


  • Sign-Up: March 15th
  • Course Period: March 20th - March 31st
  • Check-In via Zoom: March 23 & March 30, 10am PST

Assignment (week 1)

The video below introduces the course and presents 6 exercises aimed at developing essential 'building blocks' of guitar playing. Aim to practice each every day as part of your warmup routine for 2~4 minutes. This should result in an overall 15~30 min practice block.


The exercises presented are:

exercise 1a - apoyando/tirando alternation of single fingers (i-i-i... m-m-m... a-a-a...)

exercise 1b - tirando alternation of small groups (m-i, i-m, a-m, m-a, a-i, i-a)

exercise 2 - apoyando alternation across first three strings

exercise 3 - 'quasi' slurs

exercise 4 - chromatic scales

exercise 5 - shifting

exercise 6 - extensions


If you aren't able to consistently complete all exercises or if it takes too long, select whichever you think will be the most beneficial ones for you (e.g. 1-4). Remember that it is better to practise shorter but regularly than to practice longer but less frequently. Keep track of your practice! This will allow you to later asses how useful a change to your practice routine has been.


Assignment // Week 1


Assignment // Week 2


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    • Barney
    • Barney
    • 1 yr ago
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    Emmanuel Thanks Manny for the Week 2 exercises!

    What do you think of playing Villa Lobos Etude #1 (without repeats), slowly with "preparation" as another alternative for working on arpeggios in the warmup?

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    • You're welcome, Barney !

      The Villa-Lobos is one or a few steps up the complexity ladder. Consequently, I'd probably still start a little simpler with the combinations I presented (or anything similar) – these include combinations which can be quite common in a wider selection of guitar repertoire and which might not be addressed with an etude which has a single complex pattern. Practising simpler technical exercises to a very high level can be more beneficial than practising something complex with less attention to detail.

      That said, if you are very comfortable with simpler exercises such as the ones we're tackling this week, then playing Villa-Lobos Etude No. 1 slowly can be a good one to warm up as it uses all the R.H. fingers and, as you say, can also train your R.H. preparation. You could also tackle a very short selection of simpler arpeggios to warm-up, and then pump it up a notch with the Villa-Lobos.

      All best, M

      • Barney
      • Barney
      • 1 yr ago
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      Emmanuel Great advice (as always) Manny!  Thanks!!

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    • My pleasure, Barney !


    Thursday 30 March, 2023
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