"Easy Pieces" Mini Challenge


We're excited to bring you a fresh mini challenge that aligns with our upcoming live stream featuring the renowned guitarist Stanley Yates! As he deciphers the notion of "easy" guitar pieces, we thought it'd be fun for our tonebuddies to join in on the exploration and challenge their own musical growth! 🎸


We invite you to record and upload a video of yourself performing a piece that you consider to be "easy" on the guitar. Discover the hidden depth within the simplicity and share how you're engaging with the piece in new and profound ways.


Record a video of yourself performing your chosen "easy" piece. Upload your video to your preferred platform (e.g., YouTube, Vimeo, etc.). Share the link to your video in the comments section below. Don't forget to include a brief description about your chosen piece and what insights you've gained from revisiting it.

Bonus Points: Share a link to a performance of your chosen piece by a renowned guitarist!


This is a great chance to engage with your fellow tonebuddies! Show your support by leaving comments, offering constructive feedback, and expressing appreciation for their performances. Let's inspire each other to delve deeper into the music we thought we knew.


There isn't a physical prize, but the reward lies in your personal growth, the feedback you'll receive, and the connections you'll forge with other guitar enthusiasts. Who knows? You may even strike a chord with someone new!


If you're unsure about which piece to pick, don't worry! Tune into the upcoming livestream with Stanley Yates. His insights into the hidden depth within "easy" pieces will surely spark your imagination.


We're eager to see your fresh interpretations of familiar tunes and hear about your new insights. Let's join together to explore the uncharted depths of the "easy" pieces we thought we knew!


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  • An easy piece by Roque Carbajo I recorded yesterday when luthier François Laramée has drop by my house with two guitars to try...

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    • don thanks Don, both are great!

    • Blaise Laflamme beautiful. Very nice piece. Both guitars sound great and each have their very own characteristic. Congrats to Francois Laramee., Will  he bring his guitars to the European festivals? Thank you for posting this. 

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    • joosje thank you Joosje, M Laramée is a retired cabinetmaker who has been making guitars for a few years, I don't know his plans but he has an obvious talent!

    • Blaise Laflamme What a show moved me👋, each note with the right weight👍, where can I find the score?

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    • Giuseppe Gasparini thank you for the kind comments Giuseppe 🙏, the link to the score is at the bottom of the video description on YT, but > Click here < !

    • Blaise Laflamme Hello, unfortunately PayPal does not accept me, thanks anyway🙂

    • Giuseppe Gasparini you mean the store doesn't accept Paypal? Please contact the composer by email and tell him about the video, I'm sure he can work out something for you like a Paypal transfer.

      • Jack Stewart
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      • Jack_Stewart
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      Blaise Laflamme Beautiful, Blaise, both, the piece and your playing. The guitars were beautiful as well. I could distinguish a subtle difference between them,, but mostly I could only notice your beautiful tone (lot of beauty going on here).

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    • Jack Stewart Thank you Jack for the kind comments, both guitars are pretty similar and the differences are indeed subtle, they were more obvious when playing on them. I hope you enjoy your trip, BTW I started reading the Bogdanovic piece, very interesting piece, but the fingerings are weird 🤔

  • Hi everyone, when I heard this from Blaise I immediately liked it, I tried and tried but Blaise is too good

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    • Giuseppe Gasparini Bravo Giuseppe, great take on this beautiful balade!! Thanks for sharing 👋

    • Blaise Laflamme Thanks

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