WEEK 2: Diving Deep into Sor's Style!


  1. Select a mesmerizing piece from Fernando Sor! Whether it be a delicate Sor etude, a powerful solo work , or a little miniature, the repertoire is in your hands 🎼
  2. Dedicate yourself to consistent practice and share your musical evolution with our community. Aim for daily practice sessions and upload a minimum of two videos each week to document your progress. This will not only fuel your dedication but will also allow us to partake in your musical expedition within our tonebase family!
  3. Contribute your most cherished performance or recording that resonates with the "Sor Guitar Soiree." Your contribution will not only motivate but also help curate a diverse anthology of pieces for our members to discover and enjoy.. 🎧

↓ Happy Sharing! ↓

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  • hi everyone, this is my second video of Sor's Study in B minor (measure 17-48). Kindly have a listen. Still working on the technical aspects, smoothening some shifts and trying to hold down notes with the left hand fingers. Missed a few notes still, but working on it.

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    • Nijwm Bwiswmuthiary I think you can move away the phone while still keeping a good sound and volume, try a few different positions and you'll see. You also can buy a small microphone like the Rode VideoMic GO II, the Sure MV88+ (I think Steve is using it) or a cheaper alternative like the Samson GoMic (I think Eric is using it) and you'll enhance the sound and video position / angle. No worries about the D bass, I wanted to be sure you were aware as I see no hesitation in your chord shift, but I understand the steps you're doing as you learn the piece. Without saying we're lazy and considering we should be strict at certain times in a practice session, I think we should allow us mistakes without judgment as they are part of any «living flow» as opposed to a «static description» like a written music score. Keep the good work Nijwm and as a side note... I'm full of contradictions myself!! 😂

    • Nijwm Bwiswmuthiary Nice piece, well done, very smooth playing.

      Great job Nijwm. Bravo 👋

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    • Nijwm Bwiswmuthiary I started learning classical guitar as an adult.  I think I’ve finally learned how to practice and enjoy the journey.  I often begin my practice with the hard parts—often the end of a piece. Sometimes I practice the whole piece backwards by two or four measure segments.  My Dad was a serious violinist and he suggested working on a difficult passage until you can play it 3 times in a row perfectly.  By practicing slowly enough, and in small enough chunks, we can avoid practicing mistakes.  As they say practice makes permanent.  It’s interesting how through making music you reveal your soul—even to yourself.  This is such a fun piece to let that happen. You are off to a great start.  After awhile the piece can play itself and take you along for the ride.

    • Andre Bernier thank you so much.

      Blaise Laflamme Thank you for the mic recommendations. I'd been wanting to ask for some mic recommendations. I'm not alone in being with contradictions then😊

      Marilyn Blodget such wise insights into what music can do for our lives, Marilyn. Beautiful thoughts and great pieces of advice I can definitely use and benefit from.

      Btw, did the fact that your dad being a serious violinist ever daunt you or make you nervous as a musician yourself. Is he a professional violinist? My dad was very successful in his profession and I often felt the pressure of his reputation on me. But I did not follow in his footsteps and chose a different profession altogether. I'm veering away from the subject of music but I'm curious to know what it feels like to have someone in the family who's a serious musician, a professional or perhaps even a famous one? 

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    • Nijwm Bwiswmuthiary My Dad did not pursue music as a career, but played for special occasions, and for local community dances.  But his love for playing and listening to classical music was a constant in his life.  We often played piano/violin duets, and he always loved to listen to me play.  Beautiful music could move him to joyful tears.  I learned so much from listening to his phrasing.  I did not feel pressure to be perfect, just to share his joy.  We had a number of very good musicians in our family.  We would sometimes get together to give a little performance, pass the hat to collect donations and then walk to the local ice cream shop to buy ice cream cones with the proceeds.  

    • Marilyn Blodget That sounds lovely, picture perfect. Lucky you have a dad like that.

  • Nijwm Bwiswmuthiary Really sounding clean and expressive to me Nijwm.  Agree with Eric that the phrases are pleasing and well executed.  Great to hear!

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