Happy New Year to the whole tonebase Guitar community!

As much we may love the guitar, it’s not so easy to set goals and stay committed to realizing them over the course of a year… at least, it’s not so easy to do this alone, which is how I often try (and fail) to undertake such goals.

That’s why I’ve created this thread. Here is a place for anyone and everyone in the tonebase community to come up with your individual guitar-related New Year’s resolutions and support each other in our efforts to realize them.


  1. Make a post below to announce your guitar-goals for the new year,
  2. over the coming days, weeks, and months, use the sub-thread of your own post to keep us all updated on your progress (videos encouraged!)
  3. and in the meantime, scroll through to read each other’s resolutions and click “reply” to offer advice or words of encouragement.


  • Please try to keep conversations within sub-threads, and only make a single new post to share your resolutions. This will help keep the mega-thread clean so we can navigate more easily and check in on each other.
  • Keep in mind that there are people of all ages and ability levels in the tonebase community, so if you’re one of the more advanced ones don’t gloat about it, and if you’re a novice don’t be shy.
  • If you don’t want to share your goals, you’re still welcome to comment on other members’ thread.


  • I will go first! Lately, I have been very occupied with teaching and recording, but from February on I will be able to dedicate more time to my personal projects. I recently found an old concert program of mine, which included pieces like the Grand Ouverture by Giuliani, multiple solo pieces by Barrios and Mertz, BWV 997, Torroba's Sonatina and Regondi's Introduction et Caprice.
    • I resolve to re-visit old pieces and discover new pieces, alternating every month to build a solo concert repertoire.
    • I resolve to have at least 30min of concert repertoire ready by the end of the year
    • To get there, I resolve to practice the piece a minimum of 30 minutes every weekday.
    • I commit to mindful practice, enjoying playing the piece slowly and carefully and always listening.


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  • Happy New Year 2023 everyone! May this new year bring you a lot of health and happiness from inside or outside the guitar world.

    My New Year resolution:


    1. To play La Catedral Allegro Solemn fluently and with musicality at 107 bpm. Right now I am at around <100bpm

    2. To play Recuerdos de la Alhambra at 110-115bpm with ease, no tension. Right now I am ~100-105bpm

    3. To learn 4 new pieces 

    4. To compose 3 new pieces of my own.

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    • Moyses Lopes thank you very much Moyses! 

  • Hi everyone, a belated Happy New Year!


    I recently returned to Tonebase after a break so I’m currently working on my technique and revisiting the pieces I was working on before.

    I’m also looking forward to learning some new repertoire and taking part in the livestreams and community events.

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  • For me this year, I want to be able to have a more confident and firmer grasp on what it is I want to do with classical guitar or just music in general, develop a routine that works for me that allows me to have those moments of hyper fixation and passion for the instrument and learning new pieces, but also give me space to take care of myself outside of the world of classical guitar. I want to more seriously consider giving lessons to people although I feel quite inadequate at times to do so. I also would like to develop a more solid repertoire I feel good about so I can potentially start doing some gigs in various spaces that I enjoy being in.

    Also I would like to learn to use tonebase in a way that benefits me the best it can.

  • Seasons greetings to everyone! (Well, maybe a little late but we can choose to still feel that energy 😁)

    Broadly in 2023 I intend to grow as a performing artist in a sustainable way. As a measurable habit, I hope to achieve an average of 1h practice per day - sustainable, but difficult enough with a fulltime job! I intend to practice smarter, not harder, and that might mean building better habits of practice journaling.

    I want to practice vulnerability, allowing myself to “put myself out there” more as a performer. I’ll never be the next David Russell, but I still think I still have something to share. Concretely, this can mean saying yes to opportunities to perform, both virtually (e.g. with Tonebase livestreams) and in-person (e.g. at retirement homes).

    I’d plan to continue working toward my RCM exams, and make sufficient progress on some Grade 9 pieces - Capricho Árabe, Barrios’ Vals 3, and Tango en Skai are on the shortlist. At the same time, I want to allow myself to break out of the exam-mindset, recognizing that as a hobbyist there is no deadline, and explore other projects that inspire me.

    Finally, I want to build connection to the CG community. Becoming an active Tonebase member can be one way, as well as actually showing up to more in-person meetups.

    I’m looking forward to the year, and to seeing everyone’s progress! Shameless self-promo, but if you want a beautiful free iPhone app for habit tracking, search for “Pixelist” on the App Store 🙂 Best wishes.

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    • Moyses Lopes
    • Classical Guitarist and Electroacoustic Interpreter
    • Moses
    • 1 yr ago
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    My New Year's Resolutions:
    - Be more active as a community member on Tonebase
    - Participate in all Community Challenges with at least one piece
    - Write 2 guitar studies using concrete music and computer-assisted performance resources
    - Finalize my arrangement to Adiós Nonino

    Happy 2023 to us! See you!

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      • Moyses Lopes
      • Classical Guitarist and Electroacoustic Interpreter
      • Moses
      • 1 yr ago
      • Reported - view

      Here is a draft of my arrangement to Adios Nonino. Problems with tuning, the audio is just on the left side, and the video recording... But... is a draft! 😉

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    • Moyses Lopes Great 2023 resolutions, I'm happy you intend to be more active here, I like what you're doing!

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    • Moyses Lopes beautiful WIP of Adios Nonino, I hope you'll finish it sooner than later, bravo! 👍

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    • Moyses Lopes That is outstanding, Moyses! Your level of musicianship is so high.

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      • Moyses Lopes
      • Classical Guitarist and Electroacoustic Interpreter
      • Moses
      • 1 yr ago
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      Eric Phillips and Blaise Laflamme thank you both for your kind words. You're gentlemen!

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  • I want to continue having fun!

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