🎸🎧What lessons or courses would you like to see on tonebase that aren’t there yet? 🎸🎧

Hey tonebuddies,

Let me know in the comments what courses or lessons you'd like to see that aren't on the platform (yet!).

This could be guitar basics, repertoire, anything!

Looking forward to seeing what you all come up with!

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    Bach 997

  • Many editions of Classical Guitar music do not provide solutions for the Right Hand. I believe most players would benefit from the editor including suggestions for a RH pattern especially for advanced pieces. Example: arpeggios grouped in rhythmic patterns of 5,6,7,8,9,10 etc. ascending and descending across all strings. Especially to execute at high velocity.

    Perhaps there are contemporary exercises that cover this that I’m not aware of?

    Maybe the tonebase team and community could share patterns that are RH challenging?

    Patterns could be extracted as similar (like Abel Carlevaro did)and seeking a RH solution.

    This avoids any copyright infringement if not public domain.

  • Hey,
    I'd find it really interesting and helpful to hear different guitarists explain in detail how they found the nail shape and right hand posture they are currently playing with; an explanation that goes beyond "this is basically the posture, but also do what just works for you, everybody has different hands". which problems they had to overcome (weird nailshapes, different fingerlength) etc. Thomas Viloteau talks about his right hand developement a bit in his right hand course, and it would be interesting to hear more stories on how their right hand developed.

    And, sort of what @Michael Carlson already mentioned: a stream on what to consider when choosing right hand fingerings and how to balance musical considerations and personal preferences ( like "I dont like a-m-i so much, so i use i-m-i").

    and some pieces:
    A Dream (Dowland)
    (would love to see Judith Bunk on tonebase)

    Study 8 / op. 6 (Fernando Sor)

    Leo Brouwer´s Estudio 18 (Estudios sencillos)

    Sonatina SZ. 55 (Bela Bartok, arrg. by William Kanengiser)


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    • Yogi Jungwirth Wow this Bartok Sonatina is amazing on the guitar!

    • Carlo Martins
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    Hi all,

    I could not find open mic sessions. Maybe we could even participate as listeners in other instruments sessions…

    • arifturgan
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    More beginner or intermediate pieces please.. can ı ask how often you post to tb site.. ı am here for 1 month e never saw uploaded new lessons

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      arifturgan We usually upload on a biweekly schedule, but as we just launched the Practice Plans, we decided to skip one week. The next release will come on Friday, March 2nd!

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      • arifturgan
      • arifturgan
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      martin thanks for answer.. ı appriciate

  • Villa Lobos Prelude 1

    Sor Estudio 17 (prehaps all 21 from Segovia)

  • Can we have a lesson on Mertz's Elegie, please?

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