Sanel Redžić: Mastering BWV 998

🎶 Join us for an exclusive livestream where the renowned guitarist Sanel Redžić delves into the intricacies of Bach's BWV 998. 🎸 In this session, Sanel will guide us through the mastery of this iconic prelude, offering insights into technique, interpretation, and performance. Perfect for enthusiasts eager to explore the depth of classical guitar or simply indulge in the beauty of Bach's compositions. Tune in, be inspired, and elevate your musical journey with the expertise of Sanel Redžić.

What You Will Learn:

🎼 Techniques for Mastering Complex Pieces: Discover the specific techniques Sanel uses to navigate the challenging sections of BWV 998, enhancing your own playing skills.
📚 Interpretation Insights: Gain valuable insights into interpreting Bach's compositions, allowing you to bring your own interpretation to this and other classical pieces.
🎵 Performance Practice: Learn about the nuances of performing Bach's works to an audience, from dynamics and phrasing to emotional expression and stage presence.

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    We're using Sanel's exclusive transcription with all his fingerings today, you can purchase it through his webshop!

  • I watched the recorded session, because I had my lesson at 20.00. It was such a fascinating and inspiring livestream! I just ordered Sanels transcription of 997, I intend to practice this incredible suite. I’m anxious to find his ideas on fingering. Thanks for the link to his website.

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