Week 4: "Samba Strings Showcase"

Welcome to the Main Thread for the last week of "Villa-Lobos Voyage" practice challenge! 

  1. Select a mesmerizing piece from Villa-Lobos or a composer connected to his Brazilian heritage. Whether it's a soulful Villa-Lobos composition, a rhythmic Brazilian-inspired work, or a piece by another artist inspired by the Brazilian musical tradition, the choice is yours! 🎼

  2. Commit to regular practice and share your progress with the community. Strive to practice daily and upload at least two videos per week to showcase your musical voyage. This not only keeps you motivated but also allows you to share your artistic journey with our tonebase family. 🎥

  3. Share your favorite performance or recording that captures the spirit of the "Villa-Lobos-Voyage Challenge." Your submission will inspire others and create a vibrant collection of potential pieces for fellow members to explore. 🎧

↓ Happy Sharing! ↓

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  • Prelude 5 of Villa Lobos has long been one of my favorites. We've got to dust these treasures off from time to time, or they sink into the tarpit of ex-repertoire.  I've almost memorized it 😉.

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      • don
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      • 9 mths ago
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      Marilyn Blodget so you glad you found it interesting. I agree that the emotional connection changes over time and experience. Sometime back I came across old piano rolls on youtube of Debussy playing Clair De Lune, the tempo and feel is much more youthful, energetic than the more nostalgic reminisce that we are used to it.  Age and experience really makes a lot of difference but a beautiful piece will always be a beautiful piece. 

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    • don I just listened to Debussy’s performance.  I’ve played Clair de Lune on piano throughout my life.  His rhythm was especially interesting to me.  If this is what he intended, it’s very different from what he wrote. (The limitations of notation).  I really enjoyed his intention and passion.  Thanks.

  • Here is a second and probably the last recording for this challenge.

    10 Brazilian folk songs - Lullabies no 1 - Savio Isaias.

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    • Andre Bernier That was lovely!  Thanks for sharing!

    • Andre Bernier Very nice, Andre.  

      • Jack Stewart
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      • Jack_Stewart
      • 9 mths ago
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      Andre Bernier That was beautiful Andre. This shows great improvement. You are playing with a lot more confidence and control.
      I have a couple of suggestions. First, your legato is much improved except you still tend to cut off the last note of each phrase. To do that every time gives the piece a bit of a clunky sound. There may be musical reasons to ‘clip’ a phrase sometimes but I think this piece would support thinking in longer phrases. This only requires to use the same legato at the end of the phrase that you have worked throughout the phrase.

      The other suggestion is to start to develop more volume, then you will have a wider dynamic pallete to work from. You are already playing with a lot more confidence.

      Great job.

    • Jack Stewart Thanks Jack, I will keep working on this. With time and patience, the progress will come.

  • Schottish-Choro by Villa-Lobos.

    Performed by Rodrigo Paiva. 

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