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Alright everyone! Here we are - the moment we announced on screen during the Watch Party last week - the first-ever Community Challenge Awards and Forum-Wide Community Awards are here 😀🎉


These are supposed to be fun - not in any way to be taken as a competition , but as a playful way to give something back to all of you who have dedicated your time and energy to sharing your work with fellow community members!

Sorry it took me so long to make a dedicated thread for these - I took a few days off because of the whole "getting married" business 😄 Finally back on track now, almost caught up with all emails and replies... just in time for Christmas break, haha

Without further ado - here are the awards!


Community Challenge Awards:

Played through all movements: 

  • Roni Glaser 
  • David Chidsey 
  • David Krupka 
  • Dennis Greensmith

Most videos recorded

  • David Chidsey 
  • martin  
  • Jaime

Most consistent updates

  • Derek
  • Honorable mention: David Chidsey with three videos in one day and almost daily updates.

All participants in this first-ever community challenge will be rewarded with a four-week "Community Challenger" badge on their profile! This will appear under all your usernames in the same place where my "Team" badge show up on my own profile.

Forum-Wide Community Awards (December 2020):

(encompassing data from the past 28 days at the time of the watch party)


Top forum contributors

  • 🥇 Roni Glaser with 53 posts
  • 🥈 Giuseppe Gasparini with 46 posts
  • 🥉 Marek Tabisz with 31 posts

Most appreciated (most likes received)

  • 🥇 Giuseppe Gasparini with 75 likes
  • 🥈 David Chidsey with 67 likes
  • 🥉 Roni Glaser with 66 likes

Top voters (most likes given)

  • 🥇 Marek Tabisz with 95 likes
  • 🥈 David Chidsey with 85 likes
  • 🥉 Roni Glaser with 63 likes

All winners of the first-ever forum-wide awards will be rewarded with a four-week "Community Champion" badge on their profile!

Bonus awards! 😀

(For this first-ever Community Challenge)


Best Music Stand 

  • Jaime For using his leg as a trusty music stand 😎

Catchiest Ear Worm

  • Roni Glaser For exposing the world to the wonders of A-Ram-Sam-Sam

Alright, this should be about it for now!

Thank you once again to everyone who took part in our first-ever Community Challenge and hope to see you all around the forums!

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