Stanley Yates: The Depth in Simplicity - Revisiting "Easy" Guitar Pieces

Join us for an engaging live stream as renowned guitarist Stanley Yates challenges the notion of "easy" guitar pieces and takes us on a journey through the path of musical mastery. We'll explore the unique challenges and learning opportunities that arise not just from tackling the technically difficult pieces, but also from revisiting our early, simpler repertoire. Stanley will argue that even advanced students can uncover new insights and progress further by fully engaging with these 'easy' pieces.

In this session, Stanley will illuminate how the challenges we face as musicians evolve from mainly technical to musical-artistic, and what keeps us dedicated to our craft despite this ever-growing complexity. He'll present the profound learning experience derived from engaging seriously with pieces that are technically simple, like a Carcassi etude. Tune in to this live stream for a fresh perspective on musical mastery and discover the untapped depth in 'easy' guitar pieces.

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    • Herman
    • Herman
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    Please link to the scores.

  • Carcassi Studies 3, 7, and 16 (Op 60)

    I really loved this livestream! I get so much joy out of playing simpler pieces, trying to play them as beautifully as I possibly can.

    Stanley inspired me to revisit some of Carcassi鈥檚 Op 60 studies. I re-watched a few video lessons on the pieces (some from TB, some from YT) and I tried to implement some of the ideas that Stanley and others taught. Here are a few videos I made this morning to document my work.

  • Hi Stanley - Thanks for the great insight. I have your Alb茅niz book-  can you tell me how much you took from the piano scores in the way of performance direction and did you add your own dynamics etc as well?

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