Eduardo Fernandez: Exploring Rubato in the Classics with Sor's "Les Adieux" Op. 21

Dive into the rich world of classical music in our upcoming live stream, focusing on the intriguing concept of rubato through Fernando Sor's "Les Adieux" Op. 21 👋. Rubato, an expressive technique that explores the flexibility of rhythm, serves as the heart of emotional connection and personalization in a musical performance. ⏰

As we dissect Sor's masterpiece, we'll explore how "breath" shapes the rhythm, how "discourse" directs the narrative flow, and how "emotion" brings depth and resonance to a piece. 🧘‍♀️

Join us for an enlightening journey, whether you're an aspiring musician, a seasoned performer, or a classical music enthusiast. This live stream offers a deeper understanding of music’s profound techniques, promising a unique view of Sor's "Les Adieux".

Engage with our community, ask questions, and let the music resonate with your soul.👻

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  • I am currently learning this piece.  Can't wait!

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      • martin.3
      • 10 mths ago
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      Rick Lord wonderful!

  • Is this going to happen today?

    • Marilyn Blodget still waiting... join us in the chat room!

  • Is this cancelled? 

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