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  • Watch the first of three video and practice the exercise "Cross String by Thirds"
  • When you're feeling comfortable, share a recording or ask a question!

All About String Crossings with TY!

If you conquer the cross-string training, you can play any scales or passages in music with ease, power, and confidence. This training course aims to provide exercises to enhance our right-hand rest-stroke cross-string abilities with details on how to practice and both hands' fingerings. We will have three assignments plus one bonus exercise for those who are finished early!

About TY

The highlight of TY Zhang’s international career was the Grand Prize of the 2017 Guitar Foundation of American International Concert Artist Competition (GFA-ICAC), known as the most prestigious guitar contest in the world. TY become the first Chinese to be honored with this prize. His win was followed by a tour with over 50 concerts in the U.S., including his Carnegie Hall debut. In 2018, TY released his solo album with Naxos company as the Laureate Series · Guitar Recital. It was praised as: “one of the most talented young players… I’m struck by the extraordinary levels of mastery, comfort and relative ease.” - Classical Guitar Magazine.

  • Sign-Up: now until November 11th
  • Course Period: November 14th - 25th
  • Class Size: 4 Groups á 10 Participants
  • Optional check-In via Zoom: November 19th, 11 am PST

Link to the Zoom Check-In:

Passcode: tonebase



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  • Trying to keep my wrist a little higher. It's not noticable in the videos but there seems to be an improvement in volume and tone with a higher wrist. I noticed in the video my a finger moves with the m finger unless I consciously tuck it towards my palm as in the second video. Not sure if that's an issue or what to do if it is. 

    Any feedback is appreciated. 

    • Steve Price Re-1st video, try to have the ring and little finger curled inside the palm a little bit, to gain more control on the I and M fingers! Sometimes it works! Try it to see if that feels comfortable! Otherwise great relaxation on both hands and steady rhythm and control on the volume and tone!

      2nd video, try a little slower with more volume on every strokes, the right hand is now so great in terms of the control, I was trying to let you curl the ring and little fingers inside, just like the 2nd video how you did!

      3rd video, maybe you could share with us how you feel with the two right hand positions! The 3rd video your right hand is using the similar ring and little finger position as the 1st video. And the 2nd video you curled them inside more. Thanks dear Steve!

  • Here is my video of the third exercise. This time it was more difficult to hold the right fingering during the exercise, but I finally got it after many repetitions. I am playing at  200 bpm aprox. per note.

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    • Raul Guzman Vidal Hi Dear Raul! Steady as always! So relaxed re-right hand movements! You could also try to play dotted rhythm and reverse dotted rhythm for 1:2 metronome beats, one beat two notes. Play three times per speed, plain, dotted, reverse dotted. This way it can help build up speed and control!

  • Thank you dear Friends across the world! Thank you for loving music and being involved in these two weeks of studying together and sharing with each other! I had a great time with you all especially in the zoom session last weekend! Thank you to dear Martin for designing all of these courses and manages the site for all of us! Wishing you have a wonderful and lovely holiday and see you next time!!

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