Tengyue Zhang: Getting Confident on Stage!

Hello everybody, today I am excited have tonebase Artist and the overall great guy Tengyue Zhang for an exciting livestream to get you up and running for your first performances in the community concert! We will be talking about these topics:


  • Practice with Music
  • Analyzing the parts
  • Visualizing fingerings without music

Technical Fluency

  • Long Term Technique Growth
  • Conquering Difficult Spots
  • Achieving Ultimate Tempo

What a fantastic topic list, don't you think? Let us know if you have any questions you want us to cover in addition to the aforementioned list!


Do you get distracted by random thoughts on stage, or worrying about a memory slip? Do you wonder how to become confident with difficult shifts and fast scales while performing in front of others?

In this livestream, we will explore memorization and technique strategies that will enable you to walk up on stage with the confidence to deliver your best performance!

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    • Emmanull
    • Emma
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    Hello, looking forward the lesson today. Visualising the left hand comes to me when the piece has been practiced for a long time but the right hand… so far, very hard for me. I partly know why, but would like to know more on how to overcome this. Having random thoughts when playing…. Very often….

  • Hello to all 🙂

    Here are the time stamps for quick reference when reviewing the stream:

    2:10 - TZ introduces himself.

    7:30 - Visualising the right hand.

    11:00 - Handling random thoughts when playing.

    14:00 - Memorization

    21:50 - Practise with the music.

    27:30 - Analyzing. Get the overview of the piece (31:30)

    41:15 - Visualizing fingering without music.

    55:15 - Emotions taking over when playing.

    59:00 - Mental practising.

    1:04:30 - Attaining technical fluency.

    1:16:40 - Conquering difficult spots.

    1:24:45 - Achieving ultimate tempo.

    1:27:25 - Q & A

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