Steve Goss: Time Management in Practice

Super excited to have your dear friend Prof. Steve Goss back for an exciting livestream about Time Management in Practice! I struggle with having enough time for practicing i.e. for awesome Community Challenges, what about you? ⏲🎸💪

How can we make the most of the time we have to practice? When is the best time to practise? What’s the best way to prepare for practice? How can we attain the right frame of mind for practice? These are questions that many musicians ask themselves on a regular basis. In this livestream, I’m going to look at various strategies for improving the enjoyment, quality, and productivity of the time we spend practising

We are going to be using this thread to gather suggestions and questions!

  • What questions do you have on this topic?
  • Any particular area you would like me to focus on?

Forum questions will be answered first!

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    • martinTeam
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    • martin.3
    • 2 yrs ago
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    Here's today's presentation as a pdf!

      • Roni Glasernull
      • Classical guitarist and composer
      • roniglaser
      • 2 yrs ago
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      Martin Thanks for this! Great stuff there, and of course in the live stream too¡ :)

    • Ronnull
    • Ron.3
    • 2 yrs ago
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    Martin, thank you for this. I've already implemented some of the ideas! Even though I'd already read and used ideas from Richard Iznaola's great little book, it's easy to loose sight of things that haven't been assimilated as habits! Look forward to talking with you next week

  • Dear all 🙂

    Here follow the timestamps of Goss's very informative and practical stream on managing your time well when practising. Hope you find it useful. I've moved them into a PDF document instead.

    Enjoy :-)

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