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Hola tonebuddies and fellow guitarists united against tendinitis!

We are absolutely thrilled to announce an exclusive opportunity for our community of classical guitarists: a "Two Week Intensive" course on "Effortless Left Hand Slurs" with the world-renowned guitarist Arturo Castro Nogueras!


This unique course is designed to provide in-depth insights into the correct way to do free and rest stroke left-hand slurs while keeping a relaxed and healthy position. Throughout the two weeks, Arturo will share his best advice for staying away from unfruitful tensions, and unnecessary musical accents, a way to build a solid technique and a smart interpretation, enriching your playing and enabling you to truly understand and convey the passion behind this beautiful musical technique.

During the course, participants will be immersed in the rich physiological and musical inner workings of left-hand slurs, while receiving personalized guidance from Arturo himself. This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for classical guitarists looking to enhance their technical capabilities.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn from a true guitar maestro, and make sure to share your thoughts on the event name. We can't wait to see you at the Two Week Intensive with Arturo Castro Nogueras!

🎵 Happy slurring, amigos!


  • Course Period: June 14th - June 27th
  • Optional check-In via Zoom: June 19th, 10am PST


Part 1:

Watch Arturo's Introduction to Slurs and record yourself playing the initial exercises!

  • Hammer-On
  • Pull-Off (Pull-Down and Lifting-Up)
  • Feel the hand first and work through all finger combinations!

Part 2

Hello everyone! Here's my second video with more advanced exercises for improving your left-hand slurs!

  •  We do an exercise by Barrueco for improving finger independence during a fixed position and doing slurs. Keep it on the safe side and don't over do it! It's all about the feeling in your hand.
  •  Importance of putting down both fingers when you do a pull-off (the first and second note or in several notes' pull-offs then all the notes you are playing).
  • Another exercise taken from a piece recommended by one of our friends in the course. Scroll down to find the screenshot.


Hello everyone! Here's my third video talking about three of my favorite etudes for improving your left-hand slurs!

  • Carcassi: No. 4 Op. 60

  • Egúrbida: No. 1

  • Brouwer: No. 7


Hi everyone! Here's my last video for this TWI titled ''Effortless Left-Hand Slurs.''

In this video I talk about three etudes which are a bit more advanced, but done well do wonders for improving your left hand technique. (This video is a bit longer than the rest, so I added the time mark so you can go to each individual piece).


  • García de León: El Río (0'58)
  • Brouwer: No. 9 (6'00)
  • Villa-Lobos: No. 3 (12'14)
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  • I enjoyed your two week program. I did learn  a lot. I will continue to practice using those 3 pieces you mentioned. Thanks again. Your presentation was one of them best I have taking part in I wish there was more time. 



    • peter hancock that means a lot, Thank you! I'm sure we'll do another one soon. Let me know if I can help any further. 

  • Hey guys, thanks for your time and for joining me in this TWI. It was fun, let me know if you have any further questions. All the best!

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