What to do when a performance ISN'T going well!

We all know the feeling: A performance that we spent so much time working toward isn't going the way that we had hoped! So what can we do, in the moment? Tune in today to find out!


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We are going to be using this thread to gather suggestions and questions!                                                                                

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  • When playing several pieces for others, I am conflicted about what I should start with. From the perspective of engaging an audience (especially one that is not familiar with the genre), starting with a faster piece makes most sense. But in my limited experience, this can be a recipe for disaster, as my nerves at the beginning of a performance prevent me from being able to play anything fast and accurately. Starting off with a train wreck is very deflating. Any thoughts?

    • Eric Phillips 

      Open with some short duration and melodic pieces that you are confident with. The nerves will fade after a few minutes. Your mind and body will settle and your music will be expressed from within as you visioned.

      Once calmed you may move to more demanding works. Your music should be within your soul, Music you love playing on guitar and it will be apparent to the audience.

      Here is how I would set up a program for a performance. It always worked for me.

      Always have fun, especially sharing with your audience.

      Best wishes to you. Keep playing.

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    • Tim
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    I play acoustic guitar in a 4 piece Celtic ensemble along with violin, flute, and accordion. We create our own arrangements of much of the music we play.

    Generally speaking I prefer to always start with 2 or 3 pieces that I (we) are very comfortable with playing, and I always like to start with the same ones as this allows us time to get comfortable and get used to the sound and feel of the room, find our balance within our instruments and assess where the audience is at. If I was playing solo I would do the same. Then branch out to more challenging pieces.

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